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  1. Speak with a lawyer, and one of you has to move out.

    For the sake of your well-being, don't drag this out longer than it has to be.

  2. After thirteen years, breaking up with her is probably the only thing that's going to shatter her complacency and spur her to make changes. Anything short of that, she's going to keep relying on you to enable her. Breaking up isn't hurting her, it's helping her. And if you love her I'm sure you want to help her.

  3. In regards to the photographer, what a shitty thing to do on his part. Especially because you begged him to be honest with you.

    The reason you need to go full blast him is not for revenge, but to do it as a public service. A photographer is a major expense (as I learned last summer when my daughter got married), and can make or break a wedding.

    For my daughter's wedding, we used someone that had come highly recommend from my wife’s coworker, and we really liked her online portfolio.

    There had been some email exchanges, but we really didn't know what to expect.

    By the time we get to the day of the wedding, my wife and I are exhausted and already bit on edge from making sure everything went right.

    We get to the venue, the photographer is already there. She was exceptionally well organized and her sense of humor just made everything fun. From beginning to end, she was absolutely delightful to work with.

    The last thing anyone getting married needs is unnecessary stress.

  4. No, he's definitely being a creeper.

    If you are uncomfortable with his physical contact or words please turn to another person or HR if it is at all possible.

  5. There was a period of time where we were not intimate

    There is a harsh reality to this line. Whether it is sex, habits or anything between, introducing change fundamentally changes the dynamic.

    I would say, communicate your post to your SO and have the conversation with him rather than us. If you want it, you both will have to work naked at it. At first it may seem forced but if you make it a part of your daily lives with minimal excuses, it will become second nature.


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